Bakery Dramatic Play Printables

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This bakery dramatic play set consists of 27 pages of printable resources that can be used for setting up a pretend play bakery. Kids will love whisking up some cakes or bread for their customers.


The bakery resources included in this pack are:

  • Bakery signs
  • Open/closed signs
  • Menu
  • Labels
  • Order forms
  • Special offers
  • Coupons
  • Money
  • Name tags
  • Blank labels (to add your own names/ labels)


Simply download and print out the bakery themed resources, add a few props like pretend cakes, drinks, plates, a table covered with a table cloth etc and get ready for some dramatic play!

There are lots of opportunities for children to use their reading, writing and math skills as well as developing their imagination and social skills, learning new language and having lots of fun! 

I would recommend laminating these resources for prolonged use. 

These printable sets make it really easy to set up and change out your dramatic play. Here are some more dramatic play themes

Customer Reviews

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Shelly Shelly
Creativity at its best

I will say I am thoroughly impressed with the resources presented in this packet! There are so many opportunities for learning and exploring!



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