Community helpers sensory bin printables

Community Helpers Sensory Bin Printables

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Use these community helpers sensory bin printables with toddlers and preschoolers to set up a community helper themed matching activity and to start a discussion about who in the community helps us.

Fill a sensory bin with a simple filler like shredded paper, colored rice, dried pasta, etc and then cut up one set of the colored cards and hide them in the bin. I would recommend laminating them for prolonged use.

Invite children to hunt for the cards in the sensory bin. As they find the cards they are to match them to the second colored card. Alternatively they can color in the images on the black and white follow up activity sheet. 

To add interest you could add other community helper themed items to your sensory bin such as small policeman or fireman figures etc. 


Find out more about how to set up a sensory bin here

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