Famous Artists for Kids - The Complete Artist Bundle

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This complete famous artists for kids bundle is perfect for an artist study. With 20 famous artists included you will have art projects inspired by famous artists to last you for months! 


Each famous artist pack comes with:

  • Biography Sheet
  • Artist Study (fill in the blank)
  • My Favorite Artist (fill in the blank)
  • 3 Project Ideas
  • Art Project with Template


This famous artists bundle additionally includes:

  • Art Gallery Picture Frame Templates
  • 8 Page Mini Book


There are 20 famous artists included in this downloadable pack.

  1. Andy Goldsworthy
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. Michaelangelo
  4. Vincent Van Gogh
  5. Henri Matisse
  6. Andy Warhol
  7. Piet Mondrian
  8. Wassily Kandinsky
  9. MC Escher
  10. Georges Seurat
  11. Georgia O’Keeffe
  12. Jackson Pollock
  13. Paul Klee
  14. Claude Monet
  15. Salvador Dalí
  16. Frida Kahlo
  17. Keith Haring
  18. Gustav Klimt
  19. Roy Lichtenstein
  20. Rene Magritte 


As well as being great for ongoing art projects for kids in the classroom this packet works for distance learning and allows students to complete projects at home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Melissa Willis
Perfect planning!

I am heading back into the classroom after being out for 5 years. The curriculum is lacking in the art department. This enables me to plan an entire year of multimedia art that will tie into our social studies curriculum. And multiple projects per month!

Great resource!

I am getting back into the art room after a few years and this variety pack is exactly what I was looking for! I prefer to teach elementary art from an art history point of view. And this famous artist bundle check those boxes! Great price for what you’re getting.

Heather Tucker

Famous Artists for Kids - The Complete Artist Bundle

Janet Booth

I couldn’t open it….can u send it a different way?

Jackie McArthur
Famous artists for kids

Love this. I have just started using this packet w9ith my students , grades K-5. So far it has been a hit.

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