Painting Prompts

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Use these printable painting prompts to inspire a fun afternoon of painting. There are 15 painting prompts included in this set of printable painting ideas for kids. 

The 15 printable painting prompts included in this pdf are:

  • Complete the heart art 
  • Finish the flowers
  • What's in the fruit bowl?
  • Who is in the mirror
  • Design a jumper
  • Paint the cakes
  • Turn the house into your dream house
  • Who do these eyes belong to?
  • Complete the city full of skyscrapers 
  • Where is the boat heading?
  • Paint a landscape behind the balloon
  • Who is in the jungle?
  • What is in the sea?
  • Fill the meadow with lots of colorful flowers
  • What is in the frames? (3 pages)

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