Halloween Drawing Prompts - Drawing Ideas for Kids

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Have fun with this set of printable Halloween drawing prompts for kids! Kids will love this selection of Halloween drawing ideas. Below you will find listed the Halloween-themed drawing ideas included in the pdf. 

Halloween Drawing Prompts

  • Who is flying on the broomstick? Draw a witch or a wizard on the broomstick
  • Design the cover of the spell book. Make the book look really magical. 
  • Turn pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns. Add some spooky faces to the pumpkins.
  • What's cooking in the cauldron? What ingredients will you add to the witch's cauldron?
  • Design Halloween costumes for kids. Get the children ready to go trick-or-treating
  • Who is in the coffin? Add a ghoul, to the coffin - maybe a vampire, a mummy, a skeleton or a ghost?
  • Finish the Halloween characters (skeleton, witch, monster)
  • Design some spooky Halloween candy. Create some Halloween treats you'd like to eat. 
  • What is the witch's cat having for dinner?
  • Who lives in the slimy cave? Draw a slimy monster that might live here. 
  • What is on the witch's shelf? Fill the bottles with potion ingredients and add other spooky items into the shelves. 
  • Decorate the skull. Add your own designs to the skull. Will you make it fun, colorful, pretty or spooky?
  • Add ghosts to the graveyard. Fill the sky with ghosts and ghouls.
  • Design a monster. Will your monster be funny, silly, cute or scary?
  • Give the bat a friend. Draw another bat hanging out next to their friend. 
  • Design a haunted house. Create your own spooky house design. 
  • Draw a web for the spider. Complete the picture to show the web the spider has made. 
  • Design a mask for Halloween. Finish the mask with a spooky face.
  • Complete the full-moon Halloween scene. Draw a werewolf on top of the hill and add more bats flying in the sky.
  • Design a magical hat. Add magical designs to the hat to make it fit for a witch or wizard. 

Get your crayons ready to complete these fun Halloween drawing prompts for kids. 

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