Summer Drawing Prompts - Drawing Ideas for Kids

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Have fun with this set of printable summer drawing prompts for kids! Kids will love this selection of summer drawing ideas. Below you will find listed the summer-themed drawing ideas included in the pdf. 

Summer Drawing Prompts

    • Design your own ice creams. Add sprinkles, sauce and flakes to create some yummy ice cream treats. 
    • Help the kids stay safe in the sun. Give each child some sunglasses and a sun hat. 
    • Set up a summer stall. Will you make a cake stall, or maybe a lemonade stand? Decorate the stall and add the items you are selling. 
    • Decorate the bucket and spade. Add some fun designs to the bucket and spade. 
    • Who is in the swimming pool? Complete the scene to show who is swimming in the pool. 
    • Fill the vases with beautiful flowers. Draw some flowers in each of the vases. 
    • Decorate the shells. Add some pretty designs to the shells. 
    • What can you see out the window? Draw a summer scene outside the window. 
    • Design a summer t-shirt you'd like to wear. 
    • Design a summer dress you'd like to wear.
    • What are you eating at the picnic? Fill the picnic blanket with food you would like to eat. 
    • Design a surfboard. Add a cool design to the surfboard. 
    • Who has landed on the sunflower? Draw some insects flying around and sitting on the flower. 
    • What is in the beach bag? Draw onto the bag all the items you would take to the beach. 
    • Plant a summer garden. What is growing in the garden?
    • Hang the washing out to dry. Add some clothes to the washing line to complete the picture. 
    • Decorate the pinwheel. Add some summery colors and patterns to the pinwheel. 

    Get your crayons ready to complete these fun summer drawing prompts for kids. 

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