Spring Drawing Prompts - Drawing Ideas for Kids

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Have fun with this set of printable spring drawing prompts for kids! Kids will love this selection of spring drawing ideas. Below you will find listed the spring-themed drawing ideas included in the pdf. 

Spring Drawing Prompts

  • What is at the end of the rainbow? Draw a picture in the cloud. 
  • What is growing in the flower pots? Add some plants growing in these pots. 
  • Where does the frog live? Complete the pond scene. 
  • Who has hatched out of the egg? Draw the creature between the two egg shells. 
  • What can you see out the window? Draw a spring scene outside the window. 
  • Who is splashing in the puddle? Complete the scene to show who made this big splash. 
  • What can you see through the magnifying glass? Draw what you have found while looking through the magnifying glass. 
  • Decorate the butterfly wings. Add some pretty patterns to the butterfly's wings. 
  • Give the flowers some petals. Finish off this picture of some pretty spring flowers. 
  • What have you caught in the net? Fill the net with bugs.
  • What is growing on the tree? Add some leaves and blossom to the spring tree. 
  • Who do the eggs belong to? Complete the next to show who is sitting next to the eggs. 
  • Decorate the watering can. Add your own design. 
  • Give the snail a new home. Draw a shell on the snail's back. 
  • Draw a beautiful morning sunrise. Complete the scene behind the rooster and include and sunrise. 
  • Design a kite Add your own design to the kite. 
  • Who has eaten the leaf? Draw the creature who has taken a bite out of this leaf. 

Get your crayons ready to complete these fun spring drawing prompts for kids. 

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