Winter Drawing Prompts - Drawing Ideas for Kids

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Have fun with this set of printable winter drawing prompts for kids! Kids will love this selection of winter drawing ideas. Below you will find listed the winter-themed drawing ideas included in the pdf. 

Winter Drawing Prompts

  • What is inside the snowglobe? Draw a winter scene inside the snowglobe. 
  • Complete the snowmen. Give each of the snowmen a face, a scarf and a hat.
  • Who is ice skating? Complete the scene to show who is skating on the ice.
  • Who is sat by the fire? Complete the scene to show who is keeping warm by the fire tonight. 
  • Complete the snowflakes. Draw the other half of these snowflakes.
  • Design a woolly hat. Add cool patterns to the hat.
  • Design a pair of mittens. Add fun designs to the mittens. 
  • What can you see out the window? Draw a winter scene outside the window. 
  • What are you watching on tv? Draw a picture of your favorite thing to watch on tv.
  • What are you dreaming about? Draw your dream in the thought bubble.
  • Who lives in the igloo? Complete the scene to show who has just come out of the igloo. 
  • What have you found with the flashlight? Draw a picture of what you have found in the flashlight beam. 
  • What book are you reading? Draw the cover of a book you'd like to cozy up with. 
  • Design some warm winter socks. Add your own designs to the socks. 
  • Who left footprints in the snow? Complete the scene to show who has left this trail of footprints. 
  • Who's riding on the sledge? Add someone to the sledge to complete the scene. 

Get your crayons ready to complete these fun winter drawing prompts for kids. 

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