Fall Drawing Prompts - Drawing Ideas for Kids

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Have fun with this set of printable fall drawing prompts for kids! Kids will love this selection of fall drawing ideas. Below you will find listed the Fall-themed drawing ideas included in the pdf. 

Fall Drawing Prompts

  • Decorate the leaves. Color the leaves in your own style. 
  • Design the wellies. Add some cool patterns to the rain boots. 
  • Draw some apples on the tree. Add some apples hanging from the branches. 
  • Design the best mug of hot chocolate! Add marshmallows and cream, chocolate chips and sprinkles! Decorate the mug and add cookies alongside. 
  • Who lives here? Draw an animal looking out the hole in the tree. 
  • Complete the scarecrow scene. Give the scarecrow a face and a hat. Add some crops growing in the field and some birds in the sky. 
  • Add leaves to the tree. Complete the fall scene by adding red, orange and yellow leaves to the tree.
  • Decorate the pumpkin. Give the pumpkin a face or create a fun design. 
  • What animals can you see in the forest? Complete the forest scene. 
  • Where is my baby? Draw a baby owl sitting next ti the mommy owl.
  • what can you see out the window? Draw a fall scene outside the window.
  • Design an umbrella. Add some fun patterns to the umbrella.
  • Who lives in the burrow? Complete the picture to show who has just come out of the burrow. 
  • What will you bake in the pie? Add your ingredients to the pie. 
  • What has the spider caught? Complete the scene to show what the spider has caught in it's web.
  • What animals can you see on the farm? Complete the farm scene. 
  • What is on the bookshelf? Add other objects to the shelf to finish the picture. 

Get your crayons ready to complete these fun Fall drawing prompts for kids. 

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